Ingrid Larssen

• Public art commissions
• Curation for arts & crafts exhibitions
• Creative consultant for art in public space
• Renewal of old public art projects and consultancy for new collections
• Artist talks

wearable art | objects
Ingrid Larssen has taken on several big projects and commissions as part of "Kultursamarbeidet i Vesterålen", a cultural collaboration project in the Vesterålen region of Northern Norway. In the 90s, she led the innovative project "Kunstnersatsing på vesterålsk", which aimed to strengthen local arts production, increase the number of working artists in the region and develop a regional, artist-led network. Many ambitious goals were reached due to Ingrid"s creativity, professionalism and hard work.

Erik M. Bugge, Managing Director, "Kultursamarbeidet i Vesterålen"
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